8 Relationship Terms You Should Know Other Than Ghosting

Adven Kluger
2 min readJun 3, 2021


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Lately, there is a lot of conversations about ghosting. If you might wonder, Ghosting is a term given to a situation where someone suddenly disappeared after hitting his/her crush, without any explanation.

Having understood Ghosting, I’d like to introduce you to another 8 terms to describe your current relationship. Let me know, in which situation are you right now.

  1. Stashing

is a situation where someone has a relationship with his/her partner, without letting his/her family and/or friends know about it.

2. Haunting

Haunting is a condition where someone is consistently interacting with us on social media, albeit the relationship has ended. Haunting is a passive action by one party such as giving likes but not comments

3. Breadcrumbing

Breadcrumbing is an action where someone shows signs although s/he doesn’t really interested in us.

4. Orbiting

This is a condition where someone suddenly cut contact with us although we still in touch on social media.

5. Benching

Is a situation where we are being close with someone albeit we do not really fall for them.

6. Gatsbying

is a condition where someone uploads content on his/her social media and expecting to get attention from his/her crush.

7. Zombieing

Is a term where someone who cut communication in the past, all of a sudden send us a chat or personal message.

8. Submarining

this situation is more like ghosting, but after being disappeared for a long time, eventually, come and re-contact us.

let me know in comments, how you might call your current relationship. or, if you find another term, let me know so that I can update the article.



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