Don’t Worry, Your Current Study is Not Your Future Career

Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash
  1. The industry is weakening.
    I aspire to work in a mining company. However, by the time I graduate, the industry collapsed. It was difficult to find a decent job when I need money the most.
  2. You experience burnout.
    After working for 2 years, I got more and more stuff to do. I have less time for myself and my family. I realize that my personality changed and I became easier to get angry. I realized that I was burnout and decided to take a step back. Then, I decided to make a move and work on my own project.
  3. You want more.
    There was a moment I have to leave a job so that my HR understand that I deserve better. My manager understood that I gave much more than he expected but HR won’t process my salary increase. I left the company for a while and spent a few months at a multinational company. My previous manager wants to re-hire me for another project and that time, the same HR agreed to increase my payment.
  4. Your life has changed.
    Within my first five years of work, I just want to experience as much as position and earn as much as I can. However, when I decided to marry and have a kid, I have to settle my career into a position where I can earn enough for family but still have a lot of time to grow together.



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Adven Kluger

Adven Kluger


Former consultant at World Bank, Ernst and Young, and International Institute for Sustainable Development. Currently explore freelancing and wish to travel.