Five Life Lessons from COVID

Adven Kluger
2 min readJun 18, 2021


Over the last 1.5 years, I have been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic personally. I felt the symptom and professionally impacted. So, here, i just want to share a bit of the lesson learned that I personally get through the experience.

  1. Life is short

I don’t really care about death until I see my close friend lost her family member because of Covid disease.

2. Jobs are temporary

I was really grateful that 1-year post covid pandemic, I still work as usual. But at the end of December 2020, I got laid off and I don't have income after all. I applied for jobs for 6 months and ended up with nothing. I thought I was safe because I work for an international organization for development, which I trust covid pandemic has nothing to do with our budget. But then, my manager cut me off for no reason.

3. Your savings can save you

As I mentioned that over the last 6 months I do not have any income, I am grateful that until today, I still survive and still able to support my family because I save more in the previous year. I am still looking forward to saving much more.

4. Your greatest wealth is your health

As the covid brings fear of death to me personally, I became more aware of my health. I understand that my body is not that strong and I am prone to sickness. Hence, I have to take personal responsibility of y health physically and mentally.

5. Nature deserves our respect

I do not know how actually climate crises affect the life of microorganisms. However, I see that there are more incidents happened due to climate change and the Covid pandemic gave a significant change in the sky color and better air quality. Although it was only for a while before business back to operate as usual.

I am sure that you might also learn something during this hard time, let me know what you have in comment section.



Adven Kluger

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