Why Taking Niche is Not for Medium Beginners?

As I started this account, I do not understand my niche and I don't know what to write. I just write everything in my mind despite it is relevant to my specialization or not. I just try to enjoy the writing process.

However, over time, I try to find an interesting topic to write about, I ended up writing nothing. I realize that a niche is something that will grow over time. So I decided to just write everything that comes to my mind first.

During my first year working as a professional, I receive any work to understand my interest. I took any decent work as long as it did not devalue my work. I thought the same thing happened here in Medium.

What’s important at hand as a beginner in Medium is consistency. The continuation of writing an article in a long run is the key to first exercising a writer’s skill and endurance.

It does not have to be an article a day or an article a month. It is about training how consistent a writer will make time to write a thing in a specific pattern of time. It will trigger the writer’s mind to think faster and better in that schedule and to produce a thing at the end of the session.



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